Membership Levels

The Anointed By King Divine Yahuah
In Divine’s Hierarchal Level Starting From One, Lightworker.
The Anointed as Bless by King Divine Yahuah will attain one of the Membership Levels below as given by the practice Title during one's Calling. The beginning Title will always be a Pastor then you ascend to the Highest Level at every step when you get anointed by King Divine Yahuah our Father to reach Level 1 as a Lightworker. 
Anointed Membership Levels By King Divine Yahuah.
These Divine Titles are English language and may be translated in different local languages as our Father King Divine Yahuah directs for instance on confirmation on the continent of Africa a country like Ghana in the Akan tribe the Pastor in local is called Osofour and on the continent of Asia a country like the United Arab Emirates they call their Pastor Imam.
Not Yet Called And Anointed By King Divine Yahuah?
Beginner Membership Level 
For anyone who wishes to practice in the name of our Father King Divine Yahuah who has not yet been called and anointed by King Divine Yahuah can also apply, please bear in mind that your Membership Level will be as per below.
Beginner Level