Individual Purification Process
Individual purification process is initiated by King Divine Yahuah. Once you get purified you are helped by King Divine Yahuah and His Helpers who are your Angels. You get a second chance in life to start again as well as:  
+ You will not do this all alone as King Divine Yahuah and His assigned Angels to you will be by your side to help you  
+ King Divine Yahuah and your assigned Angels will help you discover your Divine soul purpose and life mission. This will be your anointment from Divine Yahuah to fulfil your destiny here on earth Heaven
+ You will be guided, coached, trained and mentored 
+ As well as you will be guided and taught how to live as a Spiritual Being 
+ King Divine Yahuah and your assign Angels will help you and be by your side all the time. They have always have been.