Frequently Ask Question For KDYPB
This is a few frequently asked questions for KDYPB.

What Is Divine Yahuah Professional Body (DYPB)?
Divine Yahuah Professional Body (DYPB) is a Professional Body created under the guidance from our Divine Yahuah. Divine Yahuah Professional Body seek professionalism in one’s Divine’s spiritual career as part of them fulfilling their Divine soul purpose and life mission.

How do I apply to become a member of Divine Yahuah Professional Body (DYPB)?
Please get in touch by emailing if you are interested in becoming a Member of Divine Yahuah Professional Body (DYPB) and I will send you a membership registration form. Complete this form and email it back, wait for a response before making payment towards your Membership.

How much is Membership fee?
Membership fee is £80.00 paid annually

When does my Membership starts?
Membership starts immediately on the very same day you make payment to finalise the start of you become a member of Divine Yahuah Professional Body (DYPB).
Your membership expires the following year on the same day when you made your first payment. You will need to renew your membership to remain active as a member until then your membership and account will be suspended.

What is the payment method?
Payment is made online via PayPal. Please follow this link to visit the page.